A person wearing a black robe and sitting in front of a room on a judge’s bench must be trustworthy. Or is it a case of homo homini lupus? (sorry dear wolves, but that’s how it’s seen in Aesops fable). Image: wernerwerke

Apple’s Platform Security covers people, processes, systems and third parties, and yet… it may not be enough. Image: wernerwerke

Platform Security

Apple Platform Security describes the security related aspects of the Apple ecosystem, covering the hardware and software that keep iPhones, iPads, iWatches, Apple computers and iCloud services secure¹.

Inserting malicious code in open-source libraries is about as easy as reading this text. © wernerwerke

Dr. Sybe Izaak Rispens

PhD in Artificial Intelligence, ISO27001 certified IT-Security expert. Lead ICT and security Risk Management at Klarna AB (publ). Views are my own.

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