Inserting malicious code in open-source libraries is about as easy as reading this text. © wernerwerke

“Sunburst” was the most sophisticated hack the world has ever seen. One of the most urgent lessons so far learned from the attack: we need to enforce global software supply chain management now. ¹

The first details on the “Sunburst” attack were released in December 2020: a highly evasive attacker leveraged the supply chain of the U.S. based software company SolarWinds in order to compromise an administrative I.T. management tool which is used by tens of thousands of private and government organizations. The backdoors and malware that were installed on the victims’ infrastructures have been called by Microsoft “the most…

Dr. Sybe Izaak Rispens

PhD in Artificial Intelligence, ISO27001 certified IT-Security expert. Lead ICT and security Risk Management at Klarna AB (publ). Views are my own.

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